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Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to improve your employability multifold whether you are looking to work overseas or even return to your mother country to pursue your chosen career path. Unlike perhaps a decade ago, many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Russia, the European Union and even the United States are welcoming international students to their shores with open arms. Many popular countries have relaxed rules when it comes to opportunities to stay back and work after course completion and/or even apply for permanent residence.


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UK-based and with 25+ years of experience, Oromah International is well-equipped to guide you choose the right country based on your goals and objectives, obtain admission to the best course at the right institution dependent of course on your talents and qualifications, explore scholarship availability and much more, right from the beginning till you reach your destination, cost-effectively and quickly..

Our Services


University and Course Selection

Our expert counselors scrutinize your credentials, study your goals and aspirations and then recommend the most appropriate course of study tailored to your budget and scholarships if any, availability. Our team will guide you every step of the way to narrow down your choices to the right one.


Visa Guidance

Every country has a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to applying for a student visa. Visa experts at Oromah are always up-to-date with the requirements for every country and will guide you from filling out your first application to making your statement of purpose (SOP), to attending interviews where necessary.


Interview Preparation

At Oromah International, we give every applicant an exhaustive preparation kit based on your country of choice. Our mentors will prepare you well in advance to your university/visa interviews boosting your communication and presentation skills helping you face your interviews successfully and with absolute confidence.


Accommodation Assistance

It is often a challenge for students going abroad for studies to find the right kind of accommodation closest to the place of study. Nevertheless, our team is well-aware of all residential options, especially in and around our partner colleges/universities and will help you pick the right one based on your budget.


Temporary Employment Assistance

The best way for students to acclimatize themselves to cultural differences in a foreign country is to work part-time while studying, which also enables you to make extra money. Most countries often permit student visa holders to work at least 20 hours a week while pursuing courses and full-time during vacations. We will help you find jobs.


Career Guidance

Oromah is an authorized manpower consultant and recruitment agency for many sectors across nations. We can therefore help you further your career goals with right placements in any industry at a country of your choice, immediately after course completion, be it an internship or even a full-fledged job.


General Entry Guidelines

Every country has a different set of entry guidelines. Our team of experts will walk you through the ones pertaining to your chosen country and make sure that you are well updated before setting foot in that nation. This helps you remain a law-abiding resident, which is very often critical if and when you are applying for permanent residency.

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